Podcasts - 13.12.2023 - 09:51 

Innovations in Sustainable Finance #12: Impact Thinking with Sam Vionnet

In the new episode of his podcast "Innovations in Sustainable Finance", host Prof. Julian Kölbel sits down with Sam Vionnet, the author of Impact Thinking, subtitled "Learn critical thinking skills to make better decisions that create societal value".
Source: HSG Newsroom
Innovations in Sustainable Finance #12: Impact Thinking: A new book by Sam Vionnet

The book is based on 15 years of experience in consulting with multinational corporations, NGOs, and investors.

Sam reveals that there are a lot of beliefs that don’t stand up to scrutiny. Rather than blindly following numbers and standards, he advocates for a principled approach that, first of all, establishes what should be measured. He presents a step-by-step framework for thinking about impact up and down the value chain and keeping an eye on trade-offs. I think the book is really helpful in assessing impact constructively and fighting greenwashing with intellectual rigor.


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