HSG graduates

Community for Entrepreneurship

The core values of the University of St.Gallen (HSG) centre on engagement, collaboration and a holistic approach, and they attract like-minded people. You’ll have lots of great contacts from the moment you arrive on campus, but the active HSG community will continue to support you in achieving your goals after graduation, too. Discover our worldwide network, with contact details of key figures.

Once a member of the HSG community, always a member. The University of St.Gallen’s “HSG Alumni” association «HSG Alumni» was founded in 1931, making it the oldest alumni network in Central Europe. It has around 33,000 members, a total of around 190 Alumni-Clubs on five continents and one goal: networking and maintaining ties with the University of St.Gallen post studies. Make the most of the opportunity to keep in touch with a whole host of contacts, who will be happy to support you in your endeavours!

HSG graduates return to their university for a number of events. Besides social gatherings, they like to share their experiences with students through mentoring, give tips on starting a business and take part in workshops. What does it take to become a successful entrepreneur? How can you seize business opportunities while employed? When is the right time to start your own business? Here are some examples of companies founded by HSG graduates:

Barbara Josef

Co-Founder 5to9 Class of 2002

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Caspar Copetti

Founder On Class of 2004

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Manuel Winter

Co-Founder und CEO Oxygen at Work Class of 2010

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