Podcasts - 06.12.2023 - 07:30 

Meet the CFO #35 Anette Weber | Bucherer

This episode highlights Anette Weber's experiences in large corporations and her approach to financial management in various countries.
Meet the CFO #35 Anette Weber | Bucherer

Bucherer is the largest watch and jewellery retailer in Europe and operates the world's largest watch and jewellery store in Paris. Founded in 1888 and family-owned until 2023, the company has a long tradition and today employs 2,400 people. It has a long-standing relationship with the iconic Rolex watch brand, which celebrates its 100th anniversary next year. Shortly before his death, Jörg G. Bucherer sold the company to this very partner, thus ensuring continuity as the last member of the family and at the same time opening a new chapter. How does Anette Weber operate as CFO in this traditional environment? She was professionally socialised in companies such as Novartis. What differences did she notice when she joined the family business? Why did she train in karate and how does she deal with cultural differences in Japan, Germany and Slovenia - countries where she has been Head of Finance and CFO respectively. Florian Hohmann and Dirk Schäfer take a look at many facets of financial management in the latest episode of Meet the CFO.

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