Podcasts - 23.02.2024 - 11:00 

HSG Research Insight #1 | Science and Democracy

Christine Abbt, Professor of Philosophy, and Caspar Hirschi, Professor of History, discuss the topic of "Science and Democracy".
HSG Research Insight #1 | Wissenschaft und Demokratie

How is the interaction between politics and science regulated in democracies? Should scientists be able to play a greater role in political decisions, especially in times of crisis? Or is the separation of the two spheres indispensable for democratic processes even then?

In the first episode of our "HSG Research Insight" podcast, Daniel Sager explores these questions. His guests are Christine Abbt, Professor of Philosophy and an expert in the field of democratic theory, and Caspar Hirschi, Professor of History and an expert on the interplay between science and politics.

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