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Raoul Stocker becomes Honorary Professor

On 1 January 2020 Dr Raoul Stocker assumes the role of Honorary Professor for Fiscal Law at the University of St.Gallen.

1 January 2020. Raoul Stocker was born on 22 December 1971 in Visp, and is married with three children. He has many years of professional experience in fiscal law, having worked in roles including Head of Transfer Pricing at Switzerland’s Federal Tax Administration and as partner in the corporate tax divisions at EY and at Bär & Karrer. Since 2015, Raoul Stocker has been advising Swiss companies on national and international fiscal matters as a partner at Deloitte in Zurich.

Raoul Stocker has been teaching at HSG since 2006 as a lecturer in transfer pricing and tax legislation. He has been involved in various teaching and training events over many years, both at the HSG and at other universities. At the HSG he was appointed Assistant Professor for Corporate Tax in February 2015.

As Vice Director of the IFF-HSG since 2006 and Director from 1 January 2020, Raoul Stocker is responsible for the organization of further training courses in tax legislation practice.

Alongside his work in practice, teaching and training, Raoul Stocker also regularly publishes works in the areas of transfer pricing and corporate tax legislation.

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