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Leadership with Energy and Focus

Managers need to be energetic and have priorities clearly in view. Executed with passion and conviction, their work has a positive impact on the entire firm. The latest video in the animated film series entitled Little Green Bags is about the energy within an organisation, featuring HSG Professor Heike Bruch, discussing her leadership research.


17 December 2015. Some companies are innovative and dynamic, others slow and passive. Some are highly successful, while others struggle to survive. Why such differences? Heike Bruch, author of the latest video in the HSG-animated film series, Little Green Bags says, "Strong leadership is the key to corporate performance." The research conducted by Professor Bruch and her team at the Institute of Leadership and Organisational Energy at the University of St.Gallen has revealed that, "Businesses need inspiring personalities, not just administrators. Enterprises and organisations need leaders, not just managers", for success hinges upon leaders who both exude and control organizational energy."

Organizational energy is a key element for business success, but not all energy is positive, which is why confidential mediators and policies should be implemented effectively to dissipate corrosive energy. Organisational burnout can be avoided by systematically focusing on such issues, conducting 'spring cleaning' and utilising creative breaks. Managers should fulfil their role as transformational leaders, performing their work with enthusiasm, vision and inspiration.

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Animated video series Little Green Bags


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