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GemeinwohlAtlas 2017: companies under scrutiny by the Swiss population

The Center of Leadership and Values in Society of the University of St.Gallen in cooperation with the Leipzig Graduate School of Management interviewed 14,500 people throughout Switzerland about the contribution that the leading private and public enterprises make towards public welfare. This makes this survey the biggest on this issue in Switzerland.

25 September 2017. The Swiss population refocuses on the strength of the country’s institutions. However, private and public enterprises are also increasingly called upon to take the Swiss population’s expectations into account. At the same time, citizens are themselves willing to make a contribution towards public welfare.

One thing is clear: in the last two years, something has happened with regard to public welfare in Switzerland. Citizens are considerably more worried that companies pay too scant attention to public welfare. 73 per cent are of this opinion. This is tantamount to an increase of 12 per cent. However, if people’s worries have increased, then so has their appreciation of what is in place: most companies are rated more favourably; they are credited with goodwill.

92 per cent of the interviewees agree with the statement that it is the companies’ responsibility to contribute towards public welfare. The companies themselves also recognise this responsibility. 95 per cent of the interviewees indicate that they are able to make a contribution towards public welfare through their own behaviour. This is a strong avowal of Swiss people’s mentality to tackle things themselves rather than placing responsibility on the state and the economy alone.

The ranking

This year, first place went to the Swiss Air Rescue Service (Rega). The runner-up was the winner of 2015, Spitex, followed by the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation, which has made it into the Atlas for the first time. The top ten consists entirely of institutions whose performance mandate intrinsically aims at public welfare. The next ten places are largely occupied by cooperatives (Migros, Landi, Volg, Raiffeisen) and public enterprises (SRF, SBB). The first private companies occupy places from 30th upwards (Geberit, Swiss, NZZ, Schindler). The two football organisations UEFA and FIFA are at the bottom of the list.

Top 10

  1. Swiss Air Rescue Service (Rega)
  2. Spitex Federation Switzerland
  3. Swiss Paraplegic Foundation
  4. Pro Senectute Switzerland
  5. Pro Infirmis
  6. Swiss Red Cross (SRC)
  7. OASI
  8. Swiss Travel Fund (Reka) Cooperative
  9. Swiss Accident Insurance (Suva)
  10. Caritas

Last 10

  1. Inc.
  2. Facebook, Inc.
  3. FC Zürich
  4. Credit Suisse Group AG
  5. FC Sion
  6. Syngenta AG
  7. Blick
  8. Tamoil
  9. Union of European Football Associations (UEFA)
  10. Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)

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