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FCSG not only at a low sporting ebb

A representative HSG survey revealed that the FC St.Gallen is not of outstanding importance for the city’s population. Only about a third could not imagine St.Gallen without the club.


27 May 2011. In April 2011, 20 HSG students headed by Prof. Dr. Silvano Moeckli conducted a survey in St.Gallen about the importance of the FC St.Gallen. The representative survey, in which 240 people participated, brought to light some surprising results.

Correct assessment of the mood by politicians

Last autumn, the FC St.Gallen was threatened with bankruptcy, and the canton and the city were supposed to step in with financial aid. The municipal and cantonal parliaments, however, gauged the public mood in this respect correctly and refused to do so. The survey showed that a mere 21% of interviewees would have voted in favour of the rescue package if it had come to a referendum. Even people who are greatly interested in the FC St.Gallen would have rejected the package by a majority.

Olma trade fairs are most important for St.Gallen’s population

The question “What is so very important for St.Gallen that you could not imagine the city without it?”, only 33 named the FCSG. Thus it came eighth in a list of twelve institutions, together with the Children’s Festival. It did far better among men with 46% than among women (20%). What proved to be most important for St.Gallen’s inhabitants was the Olma trade fairs, which were named by 77%, closely followed by the St.Gallen bratwurst (68%), the Abbey District (64%) and the University of St.Gallen (59%).

Half the interviewees consider a football club in the top league important

About half the interviewees regard it as important that St.Gallen has a football club in the top league. The other half do not find relegation all that bad. Only 19% think that the FC St.Gallen now has its problems under control. With regard to security costs, just over half of the interviewees are in favour of costs being shared between the state and the club, while 43% said that the club should bear these costs itself.

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