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Center for Health Care inaugurated

The newly established Center for Health Care (CHC-HSG) at the University of St.Gallen aims to be an innovative and integrative dialogue platform for an advantageous further development of the health system.


18 April 2012. The CHC-HSG offers decision-makers scientifically founded and practically relevant orientational knowledge for the constructive handling of the fundamental challenges of the health system.

Cultivating a comprehensive perspective
The Center addresses the problem caused by the fact that although there is a high degree of sensitivity to the many-faceted problems and issues of the health system in the public debate, the same public debate is frequently influenced by interest-guided individual contributions by the various actors. This results in fragmented perspectives and the treatment of symptoms rather than in fundamental innovations. Efforts for the benefit of a comprehensive all-party perspective can hardly be made out.

St.Gallen Health Care Day from 2012
Therefore the CHC-HSG’s work focuses on an integrative treatment of topical issues. Its aspiration is to go into the pending controversial development challenges in a constructive, all-party and transdisciplinary way – that is to say, with systematic reference to political, legal, economic, technological, medical, care-related, therapeutic and moral aspects, perspectives and processes.

For this purpose, the Center will in future organise the annual St.Galler Health Care Day. This conference is aimed at decision-makers in the health system. The first of these events, which will be staged in late November 2012, will deal with the topic of “Rationing!? – Is less more?!”

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