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Appointment: Prof. Dr. Weibel

Prof. Dr. Antoinette Weibel has been Full Professor of Human Resource Management at the Institute for Leadership and Human Resource Management (IFPM-HSG) since 1 February 2014, where she also exercises the function of a Director.


Antoinette Weibel was born on 4 July 1969. She is a Swiss national.

Studies and academic career

Antoinette Weibel studied economics with a focus on corporate management and policy, organisation and public choice at the University of Zurich, where she was awarded a Licentiate’s degree in 1996. Subsequently, she worked there as a research assistant at the Chair of Organisation, Innovation and Technology Management.

In 2002, she obtained her Doctor’s degree for her thesis on "Kooperation in strategischen Wissensnetzwerken. Vertrauen und Kontrolle zur Lösung des strategischen Dilemmas" [Cooperation in strategic knowledge networks. Trust and control for the solution of strategic dilemmas]. In 2008, she submitted her habilitation thesis on "Freiwilliges Arbeitsengagement" [Involvement in voluntary work].

Prof. Dr. Antoinette Weibel was invited to teach by eight renowned universities. From 2008-2010, she was Full Professor of Management at the Universitäre Hochschule Liechtenstein, where she was also the Academic Director of undergraduate studies. Between May and October 2010, she held the Chair of Human Resources, Leadership and Decision-Making in the Public Sector at the University of Speyer. From November 2010, she was a professor at the Chair of Management at the University of Konstanz.

Research foci and publication

Prof. Dr. Antoinette Weibel’s research focuses on trust and motivation. This also enables her to conduct empirical and quantitative research. In addition, she is present at all international conferences which deal with management in general and human resource management in particular, where she regularly presents papers.

Her research is academically demanding and has been published in high-quality journals. A glimpse of her work also shows that she has regularly generated important implications for action in practical management. In this respect, she definitely works in the style of the HSG tradition by conducting research that always pays attention to specific concerns, is of scientific significance and practical relevance.

Professor Dr. Antoinette Weibel cooperates and publishes together with leading researchers such as Prof. Deanne den Hartog and Prof. Sim Sitkin. Above and beyond this, she also cooperates with firms. She is able to refer to a number of cooperation and third-party-funded projects, which were always located at the interface between academic output and significant management implications. She is also President of the First International Network on Trust Researchers (FINT) and a committee member of the Organisational Trust standard working group. Furthermore, she is a visiting professor at the University of Coventry.

Teaching experience and peer reviewing

Professor Dr. Antoinette Weibel has already taught extensively at various universities and in executive education and will also be teaching courses at the HSG within the remit of her professorship. In addition, she is a peer reviewer for all leading journals in the field of human resource management, trust and organisation.

She succeeds Prof. Dr. Martin Hilb and will exercise the function of a Director at the Institute for Leadership and Human Resource Management.

Picture: Johanna Bossart

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