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Appointment: Patrick Emmenegger

Prof. Dr. Patrick Emmenegger has been Full Professor of Public Policy and Comparative Political Economy at the HSG’s School of Economics and Political Science since 1 August 2012.


Prof. Dr. Patrick Emmenegger was born on 22 October 1979. He is a Swiss national.

Prof. Dr. Emmenegger read political science and economics at the Universities of Berne and Geneva and obtained a Licentiate’s degree in 2004. He then took up his doctoral studies at the University of Berne. His doctoral thesis is entitled “Regulatory Social Policy: The Politics of Job Security Regulations”.

Professor of Comparative Political Science
After being awarded his Doctor’s degree in 2008, he moved to the University of Southern Denmark, where he worked as an assistant professor at the Centre for Welfare State Research and the Department of Political Science and Public Management. In 2010, he was appointed Professor (Lector) of Comparative Political Science.

Awards for a young elite researcher
In 2010 the Danish Ministry of Economic Affairs honoured Prof. Dr. Patrick Emmenegger as a young elite researcher and provided him with financial support for his research project on “The Politics of Job Security Regulations in Industrialized Western Democracies”.

Research foci
Prof. Dr. Patrick Emmenegger focuses on comparative political economy, welfare state policies, policy analysis and social science methodology. His research activities are characterised by an extremely interdisciplinary approach and a pluralism of methods. He has an outstanding publication record, which besides contributions to leading journals such as the European Journal of Political Research and Comparative Political Studies also includes a book entitled “The Age of Dualization: The Changing Face of Inequality in Deindustrializing Societies”, which was published by the Oxford University Press in 2011. His publications comprise both quantitative and qualitative work.

Interdisciplinary research
Prof. Dr. Patrick Emmenegger cooperates with numerous reputable researchers both in political science and in economics and history. This underlines the interdisciplinary nature of his research.

Issues of economic policy
Prof. Dr. Emmenegger has a proven interest in issues of economic policy and is actively involved in the public discourse. He has teaching experience in the fields of social science methodology, in comparative government, the history and theory of the welfare state, labour market policy, comparative capitalism research and immigration policy. He has held various courses at the Bachelor’s and Master’s Levels and is familiar with both quantitative and qualitative methods

Basic courses in policy analysis
In future, his teaching will especially focus on basic courses in policy analysis, comparative political economy and research methods at the Bachelor’s and Master’s Levels (BIA-MIA) as well as at the Doctoral Level (DIA), and he will also offer courses on his other fields of research.

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