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Appointment: Gerald Häubl

Prof. Dr. Gerald Häubl has been Full Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour at the Center for Customer Insight, FCI-HSG, where he also works as a research professor, since 1 August 2012.


Prof. Dr. Gerald Häubl was born in Steyr (Austria) on 23 July 1968. He holds Canadian and Austrian nationality.

Since 1995, Prof. Dr. Gerald Häubl has been a professor at the School of Business at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. He studied at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, obtained his Master’s degree in 1991 and his Doctor’s degree from the same university in 1995. From 1995 onwards, he was first Assistant Professor, then Associate Professor (with tenure) and Professor of Marketing at the University of Alberta. Since 2003, he has also been the holder of the Canada Research Chair in Behavioral Science at that university.

Research focus
Prof. Dr. Gerald Häubl has an outstanding publication record, including 15 articles in so-called A+ journals. His research focuses on individual decision-making behaviour, frequently in online environments. This enables him to work in an empirical/quantitative way because online environments are an ideal source for data on decision-making behaviour. Furthermore, he is present at all international conferences on decision-making behaviour. He is regularly among the speakers and has already placed some doctoral students in academic positions in the USA and Canada.

Cooperation with leading researchers
Prof. Dr. Gerald Häubl’s presence on the international academic stage is impressive. He cooperates with leading researchers like Eric Johnson (Honorary Doctor of the University of St.Gallen). In addition, he engages in intensive cooperation with firms. He has undertaken a number of cooperation projects that are invariably located at the interface between scientific output and significant management implications. He has already won a great number of awards. His research is scientifically demanding in order to be fit for publication in the very best journals. However, a glance at his writings also reveals that they regularly generate important implications for practical management action. In this respect, he definitely works in the style of the HSG tradition of always following the principle of doing research that is academically significant and of practical relevance.

Prof. Dr. Gerald Häubl is a peer reviewer for all leading journals in the field of marketing and is on numerous organising committees of international conferences.

Full Professor of Consumer Behaviour
At the University of St.Gallen, Prof. Dr. Gerald Häubl will work half time as Full Professor of Consumer Behaviour and also work as a research professor at the Center for Customer Insight of the University of St.Gallen (FCI-HSG). He will continue to work as a professor at the University of Alberta.

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