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Appointment: Emanuel de Bellis

Prof. Dr. Emanuel de Bellis holds the position of Associate Professor of Empirical Research Methods at the University of St.Gallen since 1 August 2021.

1 August 2021. Prof. Dr. Emanuel de Bellis gained a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Basel in 2008 and a Master of Science in Cognitive and Decision Sciences from the same university in 2011. He subsequently switched to the University of St.Gallen, where he received his PhD in 2015. During and after his doctoral studies, Prof. Dr. Emanuel de Bellis spent time abroad, for example at the Columbia Business School in the U.S. and the University of British Columbia in Canada. Before joining the University of St.Gallen, he was an assistant professor (tenure-track) at the University of Lausanne.

Research on the impact of new technologies

Prof. Dr. Emanuel de Bellis’ research focuses on empirical phenomena at the intersection of marketing, psychology, and new technologies. In particular, he examines how new technologies are perceived by consumers and what impact they have on society. His thematic focus is on autonomous products such as robotic vacuum cleaners or smart kitchen appliances, which are increasingly being used in our everyday lives. For example, in a current interdisciplinary research project, he examines to what extent meaning derived from manual labour may act as a barrier to the adoption of autonomous products. To explore this and other relationships, he uses empirical data that he either collects himself or combines with secondary data. In doing so, Prof. Dr. Emanuel de Bellis uses a variety of research methods and designs, ranging from traditional approaches (correlative and experimental studies) to newer approaches (machine learning and the modelling of unstructured data).

Prof. Dr. Emanuel de Bellis has published in both top-tier interdisciplinary and disciplinary academic journals. His articles in the "Journal of Marketing Research" and the "Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science", which are among the most prestigious journals in their respective fields, deserve special mention.

Extensive teaching experience in empirical research methods

Prof. Dr. Emanuel de Bellis has extensive and long-standing teaching experience in the field of empirical research methods. He has taught a total of 15 different method courses at the Bachelor, Master, and PhD level at a total of five university institutions. He is also the Academic Director of the Global School in Empirical Research Methods (GSERM).

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