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Appointment: Charlotta A. Sirén

Professor Charlotta A. Sirén has been Associate Professor for Management at the University of St. Gallen since 1 August 2020.

1 August 2020. Professor Charlotta A. Sirén, born on 13 December 1983, is a Finnish citizen.

Professor Sirén completed her master's degree in economics at the University of Vaasa, Finland. She obtained her Ph.D. with distinction at the University of Vaasa in 2014. The title of her dissertation was “Strategic Learning: A Route to Competitive Advantage?" She was a post-doctoral researcher at the Aalto University, Finland, Department of Management Studies from 2014 to 2015. Between 2010 and 2014, she completed various research stays in her field of research. She was at Bond University in Queensland, Australia in 2011, George Washington University,Washington DC in 2012, and the University of West Georgia, Georgia (USA) in 2013.

Professor Charlotta A Sirén was employed at the University of St.Gallen as a post-doctoral researcher in 2016 and, since 2017, as an Assistant Professor for Strategic Entrepreneurship at the Institute of Technology Management. She was also the Head of the Strategic Entrepreneurship Research Lab at the Global Center Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Professor Sirén was the August-Wilhelm Scheer visiting professor at the Technical University of Munich in 2018. She qualified as a professor at the University of St.Gallen in 2019. The title of her habitation thesis was "Psychological Perspective on Entrepreneurship and Strategy". Before her current appointment, she was an associate professor at the University of Queensland, Australia.

Management, Entrepreneurship & Psychology

Professor Charlotta A. Sirén’s research combines insights from the fields of psychology and management. She investigates the relationship between the emotional aspects of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial strategies. Professor Sirén’s research is characterised by great methodological versatility and curiosity. Her articles have been published in leading (FT50) international journals, such as the Journal of Management Studies, MIT Sloan Management Review, the Journal of Business Venturing, and Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. She is part of an interdisciplinary project on medical decision-making with doctors at Kantonsspital St.Gallen.

Professor Charlotta A. Sirén has received grants from the European Commission Horizon 2020 on “Entrepreneurial Ecosystems” and the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) for the “Antecedents and Consequences of New Venture Team Learning”. Her most recent SNF project, “Tracking and Managing the Economic and Social Impact of COVID-19 through Collective Emotions, Media Traces, and Satellite-Based Remote Sensing Data”, started on 1 August, 2020.

Open to new teaching formats

Professor Charlotta A. Sirén combines research with excellent teaching performance and is open to new teaching formats. For example, she offered a course on entrepreneurship at Pyongyang Startup Week 2016 at the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology in North Korea. Her course was featured in the Financial Times.

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