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Appointment: Anastasia Kartasheva

Prof. Anastasia Kartasheva has been appointed as an Associate Professor for Insurance Economics as of 1 August 2021.

1 August 2021. Prof. Anastasia Kartasheva was born in Russia and lived in France and the United States before moving to Switzerland in 2012.

In 1997 Prof. Anastasia Kartasheva obtained a Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Economics at the Moscow State University and a year later a Master of Arts in Economics from the New Economic School in Moscow. She then received a PhD in Economics from the University of Toulouse in 2004. She started her career as an assistant professor in insurance and risk management at Georgia State University in 2004-2007, before working as an assistant professor at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania in 2007-2012. In 2012-2018 she worked at the Bank for International Settlement (BIS), first as an economist at the Monetary and Economic Department and then as the economic advisor at the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS). She has been a Senior Research Fellow at the University of St. Gallen and at the Alternative Investment Initiative at the Wharton School since 2019.

Research in the field of insurance and finance

In her research, Prof. Anastasia Kartasheva deals with questions of insurance and finance. She has authored several papers addressing systemic risk in insurance, capital budgeting and asset allocation decisions, the supply of insurance for disaster risk, and the insurance industry's response to low interest rates. Another core area of her research is the analysis of systemic risks that arise from the interactions of financial intermediaries such as banks, insurers, and rating agencies in the financial system.

Policy work in international financial regulation

At the BIS and IAIS, Prof. Anastasia Kartasheva participated in several policy initiatives on international financial regulation and financial stability. She supported the working group on the designation of global systemically important insurers and the task force for developing policy recommendations on cross-sectoral issues of systemic risk assessment of banks and insurers, in collaboration with the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and the Financial Stability Board.

Diverse teaching experience

Prof. Anastasia Kartasheva has a wide range of teaching experience. She has given courses in insurance economics, financial risk management, contract theory, and game theory at Bachelor, Masters and PhD levels. Her main objective in teaching is to equip students with tools that will enable them to analyse and understand the complex and ever-changing economic and financial environment.

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