- 05.05.2023 - 07:00

New registration process at the Bloomberg terminals

Due to the new VPN login process, the login at the Bloomberg terminals has changed.
You now have to log in with your HSG email address and password as soon as you start up the computer. After logging in to the computer, you can sign in to Bloomberg via the icon on the desktop.
If you do not yet have a Bloomberg account, you can register using your mobile phone number.
Please pay attention that data download is limited. Daily and monthly download limits restrict data download. Unfortunately, users are not able to verify how much data has yet been downloaded at a specific point in time. If a limit has been achieved, please try again at another Bloomberg PC or on another day, respectively.

You can find more information about the Bloomberg terminals in the library here.

In addition, there are no more Eikon terminals in the library. You can use Virtual Eikon for location-independent access in a web browser.

More information, as well as a FAQ on Virtual Eikon, can be found here.