Podcasts - 11.03.2024 - 13:52 

HSG Student Podcast #52 with Prof. Dr. Simon Evenett

What does it mean to have a passion for global developments such as trade, investment and geopolitics? You can find out more in the HSG Student Podcast, in which Prof Dr Simon Evenett is a guest in this episode.
Source: HSG Newsroom
HSG Student Podcast #52 with Prof. Dr. Simon Evenett on trade

Tune in to learn from Prof. Dr. Evenett's fascination for these topics and become ignited by his thorough understanding and observation about what is going on in todays' world. Among other things he shares his insights from attending the WEF 24 for instance. 

Check out Prof. Evenett's profile on LinkedIn and also his initiatives:

Crux of capitalism
Global Trade Alert


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