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Interdisciplinary research projekt "FoodCoach" (Tanja Schneider)

The interdisciplinary research project FoodCoach aims to make a research-based contribution to the reduction of diet-related diseases. FoodCoach develops an automated approach for the analysis of digital shopping data - based on customer cards of food retailers - and makes this information accessible to users via a mobile app. In parallel to the technical development and implementation, sociological research is being conducted to gather the lived experiences of users and the reservations of non-users towards digital nutrition monitoring and intervention. The findings gained in the form of surveys, focus group discussions and interviews are continuously incorporated into the research project.

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Venture Food (Tanja Schneider)

In my book project, entitled Venture Food, I investigate the nature and dynamics of the uptake of venture capital in food and food-related settings at the forefront of developing novel materials, technologies and business models affecting food production and consumption.

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(Im-)Possibilities of Letting Life End (Anna Mann)

Despite the growing institutionalisation of palliative care, many children and older adults with severe, life-limiting diseases receive highly invasive life-prolonging treatments until the last moments of their lives. The project (Im-)Possibilities of Letting Life End therefore investigates how non-life prolonging treatment and care are made possible in the day-to-day provision of health care to patients. Two ethnographic case studies will be carried out each zooming in on one medical specialty. Based on observational and interview data, the project will shed light on the non-linear and heterogeneous processes through which non-life prolonging treatment is made possible in clinical practice. It illustrates how “good care” is crafted at the beginning of the 21st century.

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Ongoing PhD research projects

Food Waste Apps in the Making (Aline Stehrenberger)

Taking an (online) ethnographical approach to studying people behind the apps this project aims to answer how food waste apps are imagined, developed, negotiated, and refined with the aim to understand how digital technologies reshape practices of food waste reduction.


(Im-)Possibilities of Letting Life End (Luke Stalley)

The project investigates how non life-prolonging treatment and care are made possible in the medical specialty of geriatrics.


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