Digitization request

Digitization request - Order individual pages by email

You can generate digitization requests via HSGswisscovery. To do this, you must be logged in with your SWITCH edu-ID. If you do not have one yet, you can register here.

Please note that Swiss copyright law prohibits copying complete books. Copies of excerpts, essays, and articles are permitted. The HSG library, therefore, reproduces a maximum of three-quarter per document. Here you can find our fees.

How to proceed:

Search for the desired document in HSGswisscovery and click on the corresponding title. This gives you two different options for generating digitization requests:

  1. In the first field "Pick up on site" you can create a digitization request directly at the HSG Library.
    Clicking on "Digitization" will take you to the required fields.
    As soon as you have clicked on "Send request", the request will appear in your library account.
  2. In the second field "Further request options", the system automatically selects a library with an available copy when you place a request.
    Click on "Request" and the required fields will appear.
    As soon as you have clicked on "Send request", the order appears in your library account.


In HSGswisscovery, you will find the scanned table of contents at the bottom of most documents under "Links".
This can help you to fill in the details of the article.


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