Purchase suggestion

We are happy to receive your suggestions for the purchase of new media that are not yet part of the Library’s collection.


Will my purchase suggestion be considered?

  • Please check our HSGswisscovery to make sure that the item wanted does not exist already in our library, is not yet ordered or under way.
  • We will order the desired item if it corresponds to our library's composite profile (this is based on the education and research programmes of the University of St.Gallen) and if we can finance the cost of acquisition out of the given budget.
  • In case we are not able to comply with your request you will be informed.
  • You can choose to reserve the ordered item.

Please complete the following form with as much data as possible (fields with a * indicate mandatory fields).

To use the HSG library you need a edu-ID/SLSP account. Find the user number on your HSGcard/library card connected to your account (students: matriculation number / members of the University of St.Gallen: 16 digit code).

Your data will only be used for the specified purpose. Further information is given in our declaration on data security.

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