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Library director

Director Edeltraud Haas (Mag. MSc) Assistant Director  Antonia Fuchs


Borrowing / Learning place

Borrowing / learning place Elisabeth Bischof    
Borrowing Andrea Traber Learning place Anina Frigg
Fines / replacement Andrea Traber Inter-library loan Anina Frigg
Innovation representative Sandra Freiburghaus Security representative Wolfgang Sunderkemper
Library training / courses Andrea Traber & Jacobus van Seumeren (PhD)    


Information resources

Library system Andrea Breu Databases Christian Schlumpf
(lic. iur.)
Theses / Exchange office Christa Huwiler EDIS Andrea Breu
EDOK Marina Frei    
Subject librarian Business Administrations Gerald Peichl (Dipl. oec.) Subject librarian Law Enno Entorf
(Dipl.-Jur. M.A.LIS)
Subject librarian Economics Jacobus Van Seumeren (PhD) Subject librarian Company & Finance databases Thorsten Uehlein (Dr.)
Subject librarian Political Science Enno Entorf
(Dipl.-Jur. M.A.LIS)
Cataloguing Christa Huwiler


Purchasing / Finances

Purchasing Antonia Fuchs E-Books Antonia Fuchs
Bequests / Vocational Training Daniela Homberger Journals (Print) Katharina Bossard
Journals (E-Journals) Team E-Library


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