Yvette Sanchez

Yvette Sanchez

Yvette Sanchez

Prof. em. Dr.
Büro 27-306
Bodanstrasse 4
9000 St. Gallen

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Main Focuses

The Cultural and Literary Sciences of Spain and Latin America

Fields of research

The Cultural and Literary Sciences of Spain and Latin America, 18th-20th Centuries,

Comparative Literature

Further fields of research

Latinos in the USA


Enrique Vila Matas

Failure and Collectionism in Literature



1964-1976: School attendance in Basel, Switzerland
1976-1982: Studies at the University of Basel in "Ibero-Romanic Philology" (main subject), "Ethnology" (second subject), "Modern English Literature" (third subject). Longer internships in Latin-America (Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Dominican Republic). During the studies work at various schools as Spanish and English teacher, translator and tutor assistant
1987: Promotion (Religiosidad cotidiana en la narrativa reciente hispanocaribeña)
1997: Habilitation at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Basel (Coleccionismo y literatura)

Professional Career

1983 – 1992 Assistant and Lecturer, Department of Romance Studies, University of Basel
1992 – 2002 Lecturer of Spanish and Latin-American Literature and Film, University of Basel
1997– 1999 Acting Chair (50%), Ibero-Romanic Philology in Basel
2000 – 2001 Guest Professor (100%), University of Nancy
2002 – 2004 Acting Chair (75%), University of St.Gallen
2004 – present Associate Professor, Spanish Language and Literature, University of St.Gallen
2007 – 2014 Rector's Delegate for the «Public Programme» of the University of St.Gallen
2007 – present  Full Professor, Spanish Language and Literature, University of St.Gallen
2007 – present Director of the Swiss-Latinamerican Center (Centro Latinamericano-Suizo, CLS HSG), University of St.Gallen


Swiss Society of Americanist
Sociedad Suiza de Estudios Hispánicos
Deutscher Hispanistenverband
Asociación Internacional de Hispanistas
Société des Hispanistes Français
Schweizerische Gesellschaft für allgemeine und vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft

Additional Information

University and Academic Committee Work: 
Member of the Advisory Council of the Support Fund for Latin-American Studies of the University of St.Gallen.
President of the Arts Commission of the University of St.Gallen
Tutor of the Swiss Studies Foundation
Advisor of the Foundation  EDUCACION (Ernst Keller scholarship foundation for students of education distant families in Latin America)
Editorial board member of the scientific journal «Iberoamericana»Curator of the journal of the Swiss Romanists, «Versants»
Expert for High Shools Diplome in Spanish; elaboration of Curricula Development 
Appointment Committees: Media Sciences (University of Basel), Latin-American Studies (University of Zurich), Sociology (University of St.Gallen), Hispanistics (University of Berne), South Asia (University of St.Gallen)