Ombuds Office

The University of St.Gallen protects personal integrity. The Ombuds Office aims to promote trust between University members and to solve conflicts in an informal way.

HSG ensures the protection of personal rights, personal integrity and dignity of employees and students in connection with employment and study relationships at the HSG. Violations of these legal interests should be avoided or dealt with.

The aim of the Ombuds Office is to resolve conflicts and difficult situations informally. The discussions are confidential. Together with the ombudsperson, ways are sought to deal with and clarify problems, to find an amicable solution or to initiate appropriate measures before the conflict escalates.

The Ombuds Office is supervised by the former Cantonal Councilor, Kathrin Hilber. Since 2012 she has been in charge of the Whistleblowing Office of the Canton of St.Gallen and since 2017 she has also been the ombudswoman for the diocese of St.Gallen. Her deputies are Raphael Kühne and Matthias Weishaupt. Raphael Kühne is an independent attorney. Matthias Weishaupt was a member of the Cantonal Council of Appenzell Ausserrhoden from 2006 to 2019.

All three persons are trained and experienced mediators and neither of them is related to the University of St.Gallen. They are also in charge of the HSG’s Whistleblowing Office.



Kathrin Hilber
lic.phil., Mediator
Ombuds Office at the University of St.Gallen
Oberer Graben 46
9000 St.Gallen
+41 79 632 14 34

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