Reserve collections (SAP)

Many lecturers put together course material for their lectures, which is made available in the Library. This Reserve Collection can be found at a separate location in the Library.

Information on using the reserve collections

You can use documents from the reserve collections in the Library. They cannot be loaned out, thus ensuring that the literature is available for everyone taking the course. It is possible, however, to take out individual documents overnight or over the weekend. Please contact the circulation desk.

The reserve collections can be found on the ground floor near the south-west stairs.

You can find the available reserve collections (SAP) in HSGswisscovery. There you can display the literature list of the different reserve collections. You can also check, whether there are further, borrowable copies of these media available in the library.

Information and instructions for lecturers to set up a reserve collection.

How can I set up a reserve collection?

As a lecturer at the University of St.Gallen, you can place a reserve collection on your lectures in the Library. Please read the following instructions for lecturers. 

Reserve Collections Policy

  • A reserve collection has to consist of at least 5 and at most 30 documents.
  • The library will normally maintain a reserve collection for one semester only. If you want to keep it in the library for a longer period, please inform the library at least one month before the start of a new semester. After 12 months you should check if the reserve collection is still up to date.
  • Dictionaries and encyclopedias cannot be part of a reserve collection. They will remain on their regular locations as reference works available to all users.
  • We strongly recommend you to start compiling your reserve collection sufficiently early for us to order new books and to recall titles that have been lent out (see procedure). We cannot accept late requests for reserve collections.


  1. Send a list of all documents which are not yet available in the library 2 months before the date the reserve collection becomes functional to the relevant contact person. Also indicate the title of your course.
  2. Also compile a list of all the media which are available 2 months before the date the reserve collection becomes functional. Please search for the media in HSGswisscovery and send the permalink (with signature) of the respective media in an e-mail to the contact person. This will contribute to a speedy processing of your submission.

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If you already know the librarian who is responsible for your particular subject area, please contact this person directly .

Contact for reserve collections
+41 71 224 22 90