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The HSG library carefully curates media collections and exhibitions.

We regularly put together collections and exhibitions. This includes permanent collections for the university as well as temporary exhibitions on contemporary social issues. The physical selection can be found in the library, the digital collections are available under “collections” on our search platform HSGswisscovery.



Our digital collections and exhibitions

Silver Society

In social sciences, we can observe a demographic change, which is referred to as a megatrend called silver society. The role of elderly people (65+) is becoming increasingly important in our society. We stay healthy and fit for longer, which effects our social system. How can and must society react to this change? In this exhibition we have compiled books on the topic of silver society.

Art in Architecture @HSG

Here you will find literature about artists and architects whose works are to be found on the HSG campus and testify to the deep connection between art and architecture at the University of St.Gallen.

Food Waste and Food Culture (Status 05/24)

The topic of food and eating is being viewed increasingly critically today. Criticism of excessive consumption, a lack of animal welfare and the waste of food and resources is more and more becoming the focus of cooking. This is the result of an ongoing development of food and our cooking habits. We have compiled a list of works on the history and culture of food, waste and sustainability and books on food in literature and art.


Fiction books acquired in recent years in German and English.

80 years of Unisport (Status 01/24)

«Keep moving together» 80 years of Unisport: physical education, physical training, health promotion and incentive to peak performance. On the occasion of the current anniversary, we are presenting a selection from our diverse range on the topic of "sports and fitness" in the library. Discover exciting biographies, training manuals and technical literature.

Publications by HSG members

This collection contains publications written by members of the University of St.Gallen in the past years.

125 years of HSG (Status 09/23)

125 years ago, the University of St. Gallen (HSG) was founded as a business school because eastern Switzerland's textile industry was in need of well educated businessmen. In its history, the university has changed its location twice due to increasing numbers of students: From its first location in the west wing of the Kantonsschule am Burggraben, it moved to a new building in the Notkerstrasse in 1911 and then to its current location on the Rosenberg in 1963. Today, the HSG is a prestigious place of learning and science but at the same time is open to the public thanks to its public lectures and various events.

Banned Books (Status 05/23)

Until the twentieth century, the prohibition of books was a widespread form of censorship and served primarily to preserve the existing balance of power. In some coutries it is still common for the government to ban certain literature. For the most part, these books contain either political, educational or religious subjects which were deemed dangerous. The suppression of these critically viewed books caused a cultural loss. We have gathered a selection of controversial works for you. All titles contain a brief commentary on their banishment.

SQUARE - Architecture and Art (Status 1/23)

The library has assembled a choice selection of publications, which provide information on the architect Sou Fujimoto, pieces of art in and around the SQUARE, as well as on the particularities of this new type of building.

Pride Month (Status 10/22)

Diversity and inclusion have been promoted at the University of St.Gallen for a long time. Since 2020, as a result of a student initiative, the HSG has celebrated Pride Month every October. The library supports this with an exhibition of theme-related literature.

The history of Ukraine and the relationship with Russia (Status 07/22)

This exhibition addresses the history of Ukraine and the relationship with Russia from different perspectives - historical, political, legal, but also literary.

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