Start of your Master's studies

How you can best prepare for the start of your studies after admission.

The next steps until the start of studies

A personal HSG user account will be set up for all new students prior to the start of your studies (beginning of July or January). This account will allow you to access the university's digital services. You will need to change your initial password to set it up. In order to access it you will receive the login details and further instructions in your Compass mailbox.

Important: With the HSG user account you will be assigned a personal email address ( From the start of July (or January), all emails from the University will only be sent to the HSG address. Please check your mailbox regularly from this point on.

Compass mailbox

Platforms and IT tools

PC tutors

Semester enrolment for the Autumn Semester 2023 takes place automatically in mid-July. No further steps are necessary on your part. After semester enrolment, you will receive the semester invoice in your Compass mailbox.

The account statement and confirmation of enrolment will also be available in Compass a few days after the semester invoice has been paid.

Compass mailbox

Dean’s Advisory Office

We welcome our new students at Bachelor's (second degree), Master's and PhD level at the HSG Kick-off Days in mid-September. The invitation including the programme will be sent to your Compass mailbox at the beginning of August. During the Kick-off Days you will receive your personal HSGcard (student ID). Only after you have received it can you use the sports hall and the photocopiers on campus, among other things.

Compass mailbox

Kick-off Days

At the HSG, course allocation is carried out at all study levels via the so-called Bidding in Compass. When bidding, students indicate their interest in a course by placing points on it. In this way, the students who allocate the most points for a particular course are given a place. This does not apply to compulsory courses, for which all students are guaranteed a place. For more information, including an explainer video and detailed instructions, visit StudentWeb.

Bidding for the Autumn Semester 2023 starts on 24 August 2023.


In order to complete your enrolment, you must send a copy of your Bachelor's degree documents and, if applicable, your confirmation of exmatriculation by post to the Admissions Office by mid-September. For detailed information, please refer to your admission letter.

If you decide to withdraw from your studies, please contact the Admissions Office with an informal email.

Admissions and Crediting Office

More information on preparation

Arrival: Your introduction to studies

HSG Kick-off Days

HSG Kick-off Days

At the Kick-off Days, we welcome our new students at Bachelor's (second degree only), Master's and doctoral level. The Kick-off Days are mandatory for our new and re-enrolled students and take place before the beginning of each autumn and spring semester.

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