Service postponement

Digitized applications

MilVrb is now connected to the army portal. AdA can use it to plan their military service and make postponements. If you have any questions or notice any errors or areas for improvement when submitting applications, please let me know. Please use this method as soon as you have received a login. In the meantime, you can continue to use the old application and the variant via ZHServices.



If there is a conflict between everyday student life and work duties, it is best if this can be resolved by requesting leave or a partial shift. If this is not possible, a postponement can be requested. Please note that there is a deadline of 14 weeks (before the start of the shift) for submitting such requests. The deployment dates are published on the Armed Forces website on 1 July.

A request for deferment of service only takes effect once a decision has been made. This will be sent to you in writing to the address registered with the military. As long as it has not arrived, you are still obliged to deploy! If you do not receive a reply, you must therefore contact your district command directly!

A positive authorisation decision exempts you from the obligation to deploy. However, other obligations, e.g. the obligation to shoot, remain unaffected. The same authorisation decision will inform you about any substitute services ("guest military service").

Applications will only be processed if they are received via the official e-mail address of the military liaison office and are complete in accordance with the list of enclosures in the respective document. In the case of applications for deferment of service, the date of receipt of the e-mail is deemed to be the date of receipt of the application (in accordance with the submission deadline; no later than 14 weeks before the date of deployment).  If the submission deadline is not met, you must enclose a justification for this.

Explanations on the request of service postponements

You can find the University of St.Gallen's official transfer request form on the homepage of the Military Liaison Office (MilVrb HSG) in the download area under Documents. We kindly ask you to follow the following procedure when submitting a transfer request:

If you live in the Canton of Zurich, you can use the online Dienest ZH Services to conveniently enter your application digitally. This also applies if you already have access to the online platform of the Armed Forces.

  1. Download document
  2. Fill in the document with all details
  3. Print out the document
  4. Sign the document by hand (no digital, no scanned signature)
  5. Scan the completed and signed document
  • Send the document as a PDF by email to the HSG Military Liaison Office
  • For data protection reasons, please use your student email address
  • Only send the requests by e-mail and in PDF format
  • Requests for postponements must be submitted 14 weeks before the start of the service

Please do not forget to include the relevant evidence or justification for the requested postponement (see also our information on the application dossier) and at least one alternative date.


ZHservices - Online Services of the canton Zürich

In cooperation with the ZH District Command, students from the Canton of Zürich* have the additional option of submitting their requests for a transfer of duties via ZHservices (digital):

*Students who are registered in Canton ZH (home canton or place of residence) and have registered with ZHservices.

In emergencies (if MilVrb HSG is absent for a longer period of time), please contact the ZH District Command directly.

WEA - Further development of the army
Students who already have access to the online platform of the Armed Forces are required to enter their applications digitally in the first instance.

Postponement of "long services"

The performance of basic training (RS - recruit school) and other long "services" (Abverdienst), if not already performed before the start of studies, always collides with the studies. According to the law, it is only possible in exceptional cases to postpone this until after your studies. Studying is not an exceptional case.

Postponement is therefore only an option if you want to take a "better" option during the year (see our recommendations). You must specify this in your application and briefly explain why it is "better". In the case of multi-part courses (fractionation), you will be required to draw up a military & study plan for all parts of the course until you have completed it.

As an assessment student (also in the repeat year), you benefit from a special regulation, because an interruption is generally excluded. A postponement is possible to the next date "after" the assessment stage (see also our recommendations).

Special restrictions
The age limit for recruitment is 24 years. Recruit school must be completed in the calendar year of the 25th birthday. If this is no longer possible, a postponement will be refused in all cases - even at assessment level - and it is mandatory to postpone your studies! In this case, military service takes precedence!

n principle, there is no provision for the RS to be fractionalised. A previously fractionated (exceptional) recruit school must be completed within 24 months, further training within three years. The order and timing of the blocks is not variable.

Civilian service provides for an 'initial' deployment of at least 54 days in the year following admission and a 'long' deployment of at least 180 days (as a substitute for military service) within three years. These periods can only be extended in very exceptional cases.

Service postponement reasons

Regular postponement reasons

The assessment year, the first 2 weeks of a new programme, central examinations including the preparation phase of 5 weeks, semesters abroad and short internships (< 4 mths) are considered regular reasons for postponement. These can be selected as such on the postponement form. If these criteria do not apply, unreasonableness must be selected.


If you wish to postpone a service for reasons other than those listed above, you must submit an application on the grounds of general unreasonableness. To do so, you must provide evidence that your civilian training is being jeopardised.

Such an application must comprehensively describe the situation; the specific unreasonableness must be justified and all allegations must be substantiated. The assessment must be possible without consulting further information, only on the basis of your application dossier.

High demands are placed on the degree of unreasonableness as well as on the evidence. However, it can result from a combination of different, individually insufficient, academic, professional or other reasons. It is particularly favourable if you yourself are not responsible for the specific reasons, e.g. mistakes made by the university or the military authorities themselves.

Unrecognised reasons
From our practical experience, we can estimate that the following reasons alone are not sufficient for a postponement (examples):

  • Conflicts with club activities (sport, music, theatre, clubs, hobbies);
  • Overlap with the start of the semester (except assessment level (also in the repeat year) / first 14 days at a new BA - MA level);
  • Conflict with examinations (entitlement to a separate date);
  • Self-inflicted higher semester load or "imminent" extension of the study period (no entitlement to minimum study duration);
  • Supplementary services (workload per semester remains the same);
  • "Last" deadlines for Bachelor's and Master's theses or language examinations;
  • Block seminars & excursions (personal leave / part-time work is sufficient).

If in doubt, please contact us for a non-binding assessment.

Other services

At the University of St.Gallen, it is regularly assumed that conflicting duties can be postponed in the following cases:

  • during the assessment stage, with the exception of recruitment and other short-term assignments;
  • during the central semester examinations (winter: January/February - summer: June/July) and a preparation period of five weeks (see below);
  • during an exchange semester abroad;
  • during an internship of up to four months' duration required for civilian training;
  • if an involuntary semester absence (for health reasons) of more than four weeks resulted;
  • in the calendar year in which basic training is already being completed.

Students are entitled to postpone examinations if they clash with the central examinations or if there is a preparation period of five weeks (for the usual number of examinations). At Master's level, these periods are defined differently in some cases.

For all other examinations (decentralised examinations during the semester), you are entitled to alternative solutions (before or after work), e.g. catch-up dates, from the university. Absences from work may also not be counted negatively for "oral participation" or "attendance" (prohibition of discrimination). You can agree the exact mode directly with the lecturers; if they require confirmation or do not offer a solution, please contact us.

nstliche Absenzen nicht negativ angerechnet werden (Diskriminierungsverbot). Den genauen Modus können Sie mit den Dozenten direkt vereinbaren; verlangen diese eine Bestätigung oder bieten keine Lösung an, wenden Sie sich an uns.

Procedure in case of rejection

What can you do if your request for a transfer is rejected?

... if no decision is made

It can take up to four weeks to process an application. If you have not received a decision after this time, contact your district command directly and enquire. If necessary, get in touch with us. We will investigate for you.

If you have submitted your application too quickly, the authorities will not make an official decision and will forward the dossier to the commander. You must report for duty as ordered and can then discuss the matter with the commander. He may grant you personal leave (up to a maximum of 3 days) or partial duty (more than 3 days) or, under certain circumstances, release you early.

... In the event of a rejection

If your application has been rejected, you have the (final) option of a one-off reconsideration. To do this, proceed in the same way as for the original application for transfer of service and enclose a copy of the decision as well as a more detailed explanation and any evidence. Please also submit the request for reconsideration to us for confirmation and forwarding.

Your request for reconsideration should show that either the facts were incorrectly established/understood or the regulations were incorrectly applied; argue on the basis of the reasons for the decision. It does not make sense to merely express your disappointment or to request a review without giving more detailed reasons.

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