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Graduates of pure business and economics programmes often lack an indepth training in quantitative methods. Mathematicians and statisticians often lack an economics or finance background. As a MiQE/F graduate, you bridge this gap with your diverse skillset.



of the MiQE/F students have at the time of their degree at least 1 job offer.


of the MiQE/F students get two or more job offers.

81.000 CHF

is the average first salary (gross income) with a 100% employment.


of the MiQE/F graduates start their career in Financial Services. 


of the MiQE/F graduates use their knowledge in Consulting and Professional Services companies.


of the MiQE/F graduates start working as Research Assistants at Universities.


of the MiQE/F graduates work at different national and international companies. 


of the MiQE/F graduates start working in the public sector (EZB, World Bank etc.)


of the MiQE/F graduates would study the Master's degree programme again.

Professional Fields

We train inviduals who can understand and analyse complex problems and allpy their knowledge to solve problems. The MiQE/F gives you an advantage on the job market through the combination of strong methodological skills and indepth understanding of economic concepts. Due to its strong methodological training, MiQE/F graduates are also extremely well equipped to pursue an academic career.

“I have always wanted to do a Master's that is offering a strong focus on quantitative methods as well as on finance-related topics. The curriculum matched my needs perfectly with is vast array of maths, stats and computational courses.”
Ralph Enderle, Investment solutions manager at the VZ VermögensZentrum - Graduate MiQE/F 2022
“I chose MiQE/F because of its quantitative focus & flexibility of the curriculum. MiQE/F offered a wider and more attractive selection of electives than any other program I was considered at the time - it was an obvious choice.”
Federico Baldi Lanfranchi, Ph.D. Candidate in Finance at EPFL - Graduate MiQE/F 2022
“Due to its mathematical focus, & because it focused equally on both economics & finance, the program caught my eye from the beginning. This is a rare curriculum that added a lot of value to my education. I also appreciated the flexibility of the program.”
Eric Offner, Ph.D. Candidate at University of Hamburg - Graduate MiQE/F 2021
“MiQE/F has been invaluable in providing me with the conditions in which I could best prepare for a PhD. I'd say that the program lies uniquely at the intersection of economics & finance. It stands out for its formal education in quantitative methods.”
Filippo Cavaleri, Ph.D Candidate Finance at University of Chicago - Graduate Mi-QE/F 2020
“Economics has been fascinating me since my first courses in high school. My curiosity about Economics in general an Monetary Economics in particular has been growing ever since I decided to complete the MiQE/F to specialise in evaluating these models.”
Heike Lehner, Research staff member for monetary policy at Agenda Austria - Grad-uate MiQE/F 2020

Where are they now?

Policy and financial institutions and firms in the private sector are increasingly confronted with complex problems requiring a confident application of methods as well as a deep understanding of economic processes and the finance sector. MiQE/F graduates are well prepared for responsible positions in the areas of banking and finance, consulting and insurance. Due to its strong methodological training, MiQE/F graduates are also extremely well equipped to pursue an academic career.

First career paths of our graduates:
Andrina Niederberger M.A. HSG 2016 Treasury ALM, Credit Suisse
Dirk Schulte M.A. HSG 2017 Co-Founder, Logic Based Risk Modelling
Daniele Ballinari M.A. HSG 2018 Postdoctoral Research, University of Basel
Ann-Cathrin Fels M.A. HSG 2019 Senior Associate Consultant, Bain & Company
Heike Lehner M.A. HSG 2020 Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin für Geldpolitik, Agenda Austria
Eric Offner M.A. HSG 2021 Ph.D. Candidate, University of Hamburg
Federico Baldi Lanfranchi M.A. HSG 2022 Ph.D. Candidate in Finance, EPFL


The academic education in MiQE/F provides an excellent preparation for the Graduate Programme in Economics and Finance (GPEF) at the University of St.Gallen.

Graduate Programme in Economics and Finance (GPEF)

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Career & Corporate Services (CSC)

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