Bachelor Major Economics - and then?


Our Bachelor's degree programme Major Economics opens numerous doors for you. You can continue your studies at the Master's level, interrupt them temporarily or take the step directly into practice.

The Major Economics prepares you optimally for the Master's degree programmes in Economics (MEcon) and the Master's degree programme in Quantitative Economics and Finance (MiQE/F) at the University of St.Gallen. Would you like to broaden your horizons and take up your Master's degree at another university? Then, too, with the Major Economics you will have a sound education that will equip you for your further studies.

Another much-used option is to gain initial work experience before starting your master's degree, e.g. in the form of an internship to see which area you would like to focus on when pusuing your master's degree.

The Major Economics also allows you to seamlessly transition into the career you want to pursue. Around 6% of our graduates enter professional life straight after obtaining their bachelor's degree.

Master in Economics (MEcon)

With a Bachelor in Economics from the University of St.Gallen (HSG), you can enrol in our Master in Economics (MEcon) without further admission restrictions. The MEcon offers you a comprehensive education in economics based on microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics as the core areas of study. The MEcon provides you with the necessary tools you need to develop solution strategies and analyse economic policy problems using state-of-the-art methods . 


Master in Quantitative Economics and Finance (MiQE/F)

The Master in Quantitative Economics and Finance (MiQE/F) degree programme is also open to you if you majored in economics at HSG. The MiQE/F offers high-quality training in econometrics and quantitative methods as well as economics and finance. The programme enables you to analyse and solve challenging problems in economic policy, finance and business by combining quantitative methods with theoretical foundations in economics and finance.

All MiQE/F applicants, including HSG graduates, are subject to a selection procedure. For further information, refer to MiQE/F admission requirement s and selection procedure

The application deadline for the MiQE/F is 30 April.


Career start

The empirical and analytical skills and economic knowledge you acquire druing your study towards your Bachelor in Economics are in high demand across industries:

  • central banks (e.g. Swiss National Bank, European Central Bank)
  • public administration (e.g. SECO or Competition Commission WEKO)
  • international organisations (e.g. IMF, OECD, WTO or World Bank)
  • banking industry (e.g. UBS, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank)
  • insurance companies (e.g. SwissRe, Zurich, AXA-Winterthur)
  • management consultancies (e.g. PwC, McKinsey, KPMG)
  • private sector companies (e.g. BMW, Novartis, Swisscom)
  • education and science (e.g. vocational training, universities)

Our graduates can also participate in attractive trainee programmes often offered by large banks and insurance companies. 

“The economics major was both an enabler and an eye-opener for me. Its practice-oriented components helped me to understand local & global events & contexts. The extensive course offerings allowed me to take electives that met my particular interests.”
Frederic Koch, MEcon student at the University of St.Gallen - Graduate Bachelor Major Economics 2022
“At the beginning I was sure that I wanted to study Business but realised quickly that Economics would be a better fit for me because it builds a solid foundation in statistics, maths and data & gives me the flexibility to choose courses of my interest.”
Niklas Goebel, Investment Banking Analyst bei J.P. Morgan (London) - Graduate Bachelor Major Economics 2021

Where are they now?

The Bachelor's degree in economics (Major Economics) from the HSG is highly regarded and respected. Our graduates work in the economic departments of banks and insurance companies, in federal offices or international organisations. We enjoy maintaining contact with our graduates and thus have a strong network of alumni who are committed to current students.

Should you wish to pursue further Master's studies, the scientific training in the Bachelor's programme Major Economics will ideally equip you for the Master's degree programme in Economics (MEcon) or the Master's degree programme in Quantitative Economics and Finance (MiQE/F) at the University of St.Gallen.

First career paths of our graduates:
Sebastian Krähenmann B.A. HSG 2022 Student Master's degree programme MiQE/F, University of St.Gallen (HSG)
Mia Milka Perisic B.A. HSG 2021 IT Transformation Manager, Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund
David Huber B.A. HSG 2020 Student Master's degree programme M.Sc. Economics, Stockholm School of Economics (SSE); Research Analyst Sector Economics, World Bank Group - International Finance Corporation


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