In the Assessment Year, there are two distinct paths in the Law curriculum to be aware of: Law I as a Compulsory Subject and Law II as a Core Elective.


We distinguish between:
•    Law I as a Compulsory Subject, which is mandatory for all students, and
•    Law II as a Core Elective, which students in the Law specialization in the German track have to complete.

Law I A: Private Law


The course focuses on the following main topics:

  • Fundamentals of contract law (e.g., sources of private law, protagonists of contract law, freedom of contract, obligations and their origins, overview of types of contracts)
  • Conclusion of contracts (e.g., offer and acceptance, formal requirements, permissible content of contracts, defects of intent, agency, general terms and conditions)
  • Performance of contracts (e.g., parties to a contract, aspects of valid performance, individual obligations under a contract, conditional obligations)
  • Breach of contract and liability (e.g., non‑performance, bad performance, liability for auxiliary persons, non‑contractual liability for products)
  • Termination of the obligation to perform (e.g., extinction by performance, forfeiture and impossibility, termination of contracts, prescription/statutes of limitations)

Law I B in the English track: Introduction to Constitutional Law and International Law


The course in the English-language track focuses on the following main topics:

Introduction to Constitutional Law

  • Legal sources and interpretation of Constitutional Law
  • Structural principles of the constitution (rule of law principle, federal state principle, democratic principle, social justice)
  • Swiss system of government and organization of the authorities
  • Fundamental rights
  • Constitutional jurisdiction

Introduction to International Law

  • Legal sources and subjects of International Law
  • Law of the United Nations
  • International Human Rights Law
  • International Humanitarian Law
  • International Criminal Law
  • International Environmental Law
  • International Economic Law
  • State responsibility and international dispute settlement


Law I B in the German track: Federal Constitutional Law


The course in the German-language track focuses on the following main topics:

 State and constitutionalism

  • Law as the foundation and limitation of state action
  • Federalism
  • Main features of the system of government / political rights
  • Fundamental rights
  • Public authority organization
  • Legislation / constitutional jurisdiction