In the Assessment Year, there are two distinct paths in the Law curriculum to be aware of: 'Law I as a Compulsory Subject' and 'Law II as a Core Elective'.


We distinguish between

  • Law I as a Compulsory Subject, which is mandatory for all students, and
  • Law II as a Core Elective, which students in the Law specialization have to complete.

In the context of the Law I Independent Studies, the university offers special tutorials for foreign language students.
Supporting students’ independent learning is a core principle of the independent study approach. The university offers independent study groups for foreign students (students who have obtained their Abitur / Matura or equivalent in a language other than German) as a support measure in case of language difficulties in working on the course content. Tutors work through the subject matter at a pace more adapted to student needs, considering possible language difficulties.

In these independent study groups, students are also given the opportunity to bring up and discuss questions related to their understanding of the subject. The learning context of the study groups is designed in line with the course materials so that foreign language students are prepared to achieve the demanding learning objectives of the course Law I.

These groups are incorporated into the course registration (bidding) system.

In Law I as a Compulsory Subject in the Autumn Semester, students receive an introduction to private law.


The course focuses on the following main topics:

  • Overview of the Civil Code (ZGB) and the Code of Obligations (OR) (including introductory articles of the Civil Code, personal law, basic concepts of the Code of Obligations, reasons for the creation of the Code of Obligations)
  • Creation of contracts (including freedom of contract and conclusion of contract, form of contracts, absence of intention, agency)
  • Performance of a contract in general and special contractual relationships
  • Breach of contract (including debtor and creditor default, non-performance and inadequate performance, liability of auxiliary persons)
  • Company law: Basic principles and types of companies (focus: simple partnership and company limited by shares)

In the Spring Semester, Law I as a Compulsory Subject introduces students in the German-language track to the basics of federal constitutional law. Students in the English-language track are introduced to the basics of constitutional law and international law.


The course focuses on the following main topics:

German-language track:

  • State and constitutionalism
  • Law as the foundation and limitation of state action
  • Federalism
  • Main features of the system of government / political rights
  • Fundamental rights
  • Public authority organization
  • Legislation / constitutional jurisdiction

English-language track:

Introduction to Constitutional Law

  • Legal sources and interpretation of Constitutional Law
  • Structural principles of the constitution (rule of law principle, federal state principle, democratic principle, social justice)
  • Swiss system of government and organization of the authorities
  • Fundamental rights
  • Constitutional jurisdiction

Introduction to International Law

  • Legal sources and subjects of International Law
  • Law of the United Nations
  • International Human Rights Law
  • International Humanitarian Law
  • International Criminal Law
  • International Environmental Law
  • International Economic Law
  • State responsibility and international dispute settlement