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Dear students interested in participating in an exchange, on this website you will find information regarding the THEMIS programme. Please consider this to be a general summary of the information available. The information here is provided for students interested in studying at the University of St.Gallen (HSG) as degree students and also interested in the exchange opportunities at HSG. Detailed Information is available on StudentWeb and you have access to StudentWeb as soon as you are immatriculated at HSG.

  • The exchange programme is a voluntary option offered by the University of St.Gallen (HSG). Applicants are not guaranteed an exchange place.
  • The application process takes place once a year.
  • An exchange at a THEMIS partner university is possible from the 2nd semester of the Master's level (only in Autumn semester).
  • In Master programmes a minimum of 60 ECTS must be acquired at the HSG.
General application prerequisites

• Enrolled in a HSG Bachelor or Master programme at the time of application.
• Minimum 4.50 grade average of passed Bachelor or Master studies relevant for the admission to the HSG Master degree studies. The average will be rounded to two decimal points.


Requirements for beginning the exchange semester

• Enrolled in a HSG Master programme.

In the application you may enter up to three THEMIS universities of your choice and in the order of your preference. When making your exchange university selections, consider the language of instruction, the local language, available fields of study, semester dates, travel advisories, etc. Detailed information with semester dates, fact sheets and experience reports are available on our StudentWeb. Please do not contact Student Mobility before you have not checked the detailed information on the StudentWeb. You will be granted access to the StudentWeb after having been immatriculated at HSG.



The THEMIS programme is for MIL, MLaw and MLE HSG students only. Graduate level law students from the HSG will be able to go on exchange in autumn term at one of the partner universities within the network, attend a specialised 3-days THEMIS seminar in spring term and participate in an international internship (organised by the students her/himself). Students who are selected to participate in the THEMIS programme will obtain not only their local law degree but also the International THEMIS Certificate.

Exchange period

Autumn semester: Begin of exchange between 1 July and 31 December is considered as absence in autumn semester


Application period

• in the 1st semester of the Master‘s level for exchange in the 3rd (autumn semester)
• in the 2nd semester of the Master‘s level (when degree studies commenced in spring semester) for exchange in the 4th semester (autumn semester)


Application period for an exchange in Autumn semester 2024:                   

12 October 2023 - 02 November 2023, 16.00 (St.Gallen - CH)

Application deadline for an exchange in Autumn semester 2024:

2 November 2023, 16.00 (St.Gallen - CH)

Language requirements

For the SMS exchange application, one of the following English language certifications (not older than 2 years) must be submitted:

• TOEFL internet-based min. 100 points
IBT Toefl Special Home Edition and TOEFL Best Score will be accepted by Student Mobility of the University of St.Gallen for exchange applications for an exchange at a partner university in the academic year of 2023/2024.
• IELTS (Academic Test) min. grade 7
• Cambridge C1 Advanced (CAE) min. grade B 
• Cambridge C2 Proficiency (CPE) min. grade C 
• Recognised tertiary degree certificate fully completed in English. English as the language of
 instruction must be declared on the diploma or confirmed in writing by the degree granting
• Proof of English as school language* according to HSG implementation provisions Academic Programmes regarding languages (Art. 69)
*School language = the language in which the majority of the school education and, if applicable, tertiary education took place.

BE CAREFUL: The language of instruction of the HSG degree programme is not considered as proof of English proficiency.


All of the above listed English language tests and degree certifications may not be older than two years by the date of the SMS exchange application deadline, i.e. they must have been taken on or after 2 November 2021.

Results from test dates on or prior to 1 November 2021 will not be accepted.

Transfer of credit towards HSG degree

A minimum of 24 transferable and THEMIS accredited ECTS course credits must be completed with a positive grade at the host university, otherwise no credits from the exchange term will be transferred towards the HSG degree. A maximum of 30 ECTS course credits (Master thesis excluded) can be credited to the HSG degree per exchange semester at Master’s level.



Tuition fees must be paid at the HSG during the semester abroad. HSG students are not required to pay basic tuition fees at the host university but will be responsible for all other costs related to their semester abroad. 


Scholarships Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP)

Students spending an exchange semester at one of our European partner universities through the partner university exchange programme are eligible to apply for a SEMP scholarship. The application procedures will be available in the Mobility-Online portal after allocation of the exchange university. SEMP programme regulations may be subject to change by the Swiss Federal Council.


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