Global SIM Community

SIM students are very engaged in the programme. This, combined with the strong support from the SIM directorship, staff, faculty and graduates, has generated an active and dynamic SIM Community.

As a “SIMmie”, you will be part of a strong, diverse and engaged community. The global SIM community comprises all students, graduates, staff and faculty members of the SIM programme. We believe that an active community life fosters the SIM identity and facilitates influential networking opportunities and friendships. This community life is shaped outside the classroom as well as through a series of community-building events, social media channels and international networking.

SIM Buddy

As a newly admitted student, you will have the chance to be assigned a current SIM student as a peer mentor. Your SIM buddy can assist you in tackling many of the challenges you may face when preparing to move to Switzerland or study at the University of St.Gallen (e.g. housing, course selection).


This icebreaker event has become a tradition, actively introducing you to your classmates' unique personalities. SIMopoly focuses on building collaboration within diverse groups, friendly competition and creative problem-solving - which are themes of the overall SIM programme. Your team will be led by previous SIM students along a treasure hunt trail, while getting acquiainted with the city of St.Gallen.

Regulars' Table

At the SIM Regulars' Tables, your class will find a space to build and strengthen relationships as well as to define its own identity. These are regularly organised events with specific cross-cultural themes that serve as social networking opportunities between SIM students, SIM staff and members of the SIM faculty.

SIM Community Event

Once a year, members of the SIM community – comprised of SIM students, graduates, staff and faculty members – come together for an exclusive and interactive event. This constitutes the perfect forum to catch up with the whole SIM community, make new connections and strengthen your bonds with other SIM colleagues.