HSG Next Generation Initiative

Research news from MEcon and MiQE/F students, insights for policy making, business and society.

The HSG Next Generation initiative encourages young scientific talents to inform decision-makers in public: policy, business and in society. The best students summarise the most important findings of new economic research in leading scientific journals.

Leaders in public policy and business need short and well written executive summaries of top economic research to inform decision making. Students gain experience in publishing and in the practice of communicating important scientific findings in a popular way, to maximise the impact. 

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Project "HSG Next Generation" Sustainable knowledge transfer

Books with contributions from students (in German)

A great succecss!

Since March 2021, the E-Book «Die Wirtschaft im Wandel» is available free of charge for download from the Springer Gabler Verlag. The collection of student articles edited by HSG professor Christian Keuschnigg has already recorded over 90,000 downloads. Read more         

The first E-Book of the project entitled «Inklusives Wachstum und wirtschaftliche Sicherheit» was published in 2018. Since 2018, the collection of student articles has recorded over 135,000 downloads. Editor of the E-Book, Prof. Christian Keuschnigg is excited about the great interest in the research summaries of our students. Read more  


Michael Altorfer 
Master in Economics (MEcon)

Innovation für die Energiewende

Um den Klimawandel zu stoppen, braucht es einen Ausstieg aus Kohle, Öl und Gas. Junge Unternehmen sind nicht in vergangenen F&E-Mustern verhaftet und spezialisieren sich eher auf erneuerbare Energie.

Februar 2024