Our Curriculum

15 credits of compulsory subjects will provide you with the fundamentals in Business Innovation.

MBI-Mindset: digital pioneers und change agents
You are not just concerned with maintaining normal business operations (run the business), but with changing and creating something new (change, build and transform the business). The MBI gives you the skills to ...,

  • have an innovators mindset with entrepreneurial thinking and decision-taking
  • develop concepts and prototypes for products, services, and business models
  • analyse, understand and design complex value-added processes and 
  • will have the knowledge and skills for organisational, technological,and social transformation.

MBI-Curriculum: Relevance for the future
The programme offers you a high-quality course of studies and covers the most current topics of the time around...

  • Business model innovations with the systematic implementation of information and communication technologies,
  • Customer experiences enriched by digital capabilities and,
  • the design, implementation and management of digital process architectures along the entire value chain.

RPV/IC and methods: Practical relevance and methodological strength
 Methods courses teach you the basics in statistics, research methods and scientific work and can be applied in the research, practice and venture projects (RPV) and issue coverage courses (IC). With this base, you are optimally prepared to be able to systematically solve problems in the real world. You will also establish valuable contacts with companies while you are still studying.

MBI-Profiles: Five job profiles in demand on the labor market
The demand for technology-affine "doers" and "designers" who help shape the profound change in management is increasingly growing. With the MBI, you can sharpen your profile -  as a Business Developer, Digital Channel & Relationship Manager, IT Manager, Startup & Technology Entrepreneur or as a Supply Chain & Operations Manager - for a successful career start.

Outstanding Faculty: four institute united
Our master's programme is conducted by four institutes with over 70 lecturers. This guarantees that our education provides both a broad scientific foundation and professional competence with practical relevance.

The integrative, multidisciplinary structure of the MBI addresses the increasingly complex demands placed on future leaders. The competencies of four institutes combine in the MBI to form four complementary perspectives on entrepreneurship, complemented by the views of the School of Computer Science (SCS).

From insight to impact – You will profit from an integrative and multidisciplinary structure.