Introduction to mathematics and mathematical tutorials

This course aims to provide you with the necessary skills and grounding for your further studies.


The optional Introductory Course Mathematics teaches the necessary knowledge for the mandatory courses in two hours per week. The course takes place in the first semester and complements the online course Onboarding Mathematics available at It covers the same topics and allows students to close any gaps in high school mathematics that they have identified with the online onboarding course.  

Furthermore, the syllabus of the Introductory Course is tailored to the lecture. This allows you to visit the course specifically for those topics where you see a need. Registration for this course is not required.

The mathematical tutorials are optional, supervised exercise hours.


The mathematical tutorials are optional, supervised exercise hours. Every two weeks, we organize a room where students have the possibility to exercise on their own or together with their fellow students. Assistants from the faculty of Mathematics and Statistics will be present to help with any questions or problems, but no teacher-centered teaching will take place. You can find the current dates in your course room Mathematics A/B on StudyNet.