Podcasts - 16.12.2020 - 08:35 

Meet the CFO #2 with Ricarda Demarmels | Emmi

Everyone seems to know Emmi. Yoghurt, cheese - and of course Caffè Latte, protein drinks and many other dairy products. And not only in Switzerland: over 50 % of sales are now generated abroad. Ricarda Demarmels has been pulling the financial strings since mid-2019. After consulting and private equity, she took on the role of CFO in an SME in the food industry before joining Emmi. In her private life, she is a wife and mother and describes herself as a bon vivant. How does all that go together? We ask her directly and gain insights into her plans to develop the finance function at Emmi, the organisation of her households in Ticino and Lucerne, and also learn that all this would hardly be possible without the best husband in the world.