Podcasts - 12.05.2023 - 14:00 

HSG Student Podcast #38 with Chantal and Bill | "Building Moonshots"

"Building Moonshots" – Co-Author William R. Cockayne and HSG Alumna Chantal Braunwalder discuss and apply the lessons from the book.
HSG Student Podcast #38 with Chantal and Bill on Building Moonshots

Professor and writer Bill Cockayne has co-authored "Building Moonshots", that launched on May 9th. In the book he has destilled the observations of his career to date into 50 key messages for when you want to aim high and far with your project. Together with Social Entrepreneur and HSG Alumna Chantal Braunwalder, who is currently building a moonshot in the area of social entrepreneurship and refugee integration we apply some of these key sentences to provide insights into the book and how it can be used for one's own purposes.

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