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Yes to Joint Medical Master

Voters of the Canton of St.Gallen have voted 86.03 percent in favour of medical training at St.Gallen (Joint Medical Master). Their choice follows that of the government and canton council.

10 June 2018. Those living in Eastern Switzerland who wish to become doctors may now complete their master course at St.Gallen. Voters chose to support the Joint Medical Master at St.Gallen with 86.03 percent of the overall vote. All 77 municipalities supported the proposal. Voter participation for this ballot was 31.8 percent.

Educating Specialist Staff in the Region

From the autumn term of 2020, 40 students will be able to obtain their Master’s degree in Medicine at the University of St.Gallen. The new course of study will be offered by the University of St.Gallen in cooperation with the University of Zurich, the Kantonsspital St.Gallen (cantonal hospital) and the University Hospital Zurich. The canton of St.Gallen thus aims to train and retain specialist staff in the region.

Photo: Fotolia / cameravit

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