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USA – land of dreams!?

The current issue of our university magazine, HSG Focus, contains a dossier about the USA. The embittered fight for the 2016 presidential election is in full swing – reason enough to point out a few topical perspectives on America.

13 September 2016. The USA with its remarkable innovative power and its political-military clout continues to appeal to millions and millions of people worldwide – although the "land of endless opportunity" is also struggling with many problems ranging from a horrendous national debt to overcrowded penitentiaries.

Our interview partners and authors set out to throw light on various perspectives on the USA – fascinating ones and less gratifying ones. Almost invariably, the observations also refer to the current presidential election campaign, which does not come as a surprise since it is invidious and polarising as hardly ever before. A selection of titles:

In the campus part of the current HSG Focus, our columnist Martin Eppler homes in on how we are able to stay on top of things in an increasingly complex world. Further topics include the retirement of the jurist Regula Kägi-Diener, two examples of Impact Business at our HSG hub in São Paulo, an interview with the new head of the Freshers’ Week, Miriam Mrisi – and much more into the bargain!

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