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Swiss Business in China Survey 2023

Appraisal of Swiss companies doing business in China shows a full recovery in expectations from the pandemic and indicate that Swiss firms expect additional growth.
Swiss Business in China Survey 2023

Since 2018, researchers from the University of St.Gallen have published the Swiss Business in China Survey, which provides insight and data into Swiss firms doing business in the Asian nation. The 2023 edition of the survey of over one hundred Swiss firms operating in China, like previous years, asked questions about the specifics of doing business there and found that since the lifting of the zero-COVID policies, Swiss firms are optimistic about their business in China even as new challenges emerge.

Study examines Swiss companies in China 

Spearheaded at the University of St.Gallen by the Director of China Competence Center (FIM-HSG), Tomas Casas, the report and the underlying survey of Swiss business in China and data collection is a collaboration among Swiss institutions, including the Swiss Centers Group, China Integrated, Embassy of Switzerland in China, Swissnex, Switzerland Global Enterprise, Swiss Business Hub in China, the Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce (SCCC), SwissCham China, and economiesuisse.  

Felix Sutter, president of the Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (SCCC) noted that this year China will no doubt once again stun the world with the speed of its economic recovery and Swiss businesses need to be prepared for this.

40% of companies increasing investments

The 2023 report indicates that Swiss firms have recovered their level of confidence in doing business in China from the pandemic years and now view the country as a priority market for investment. The positive outlook did indicate however, that Swiss businesses have lower expectations in terms of their sales and growth and are more cautious with their investment plans. Still, close 40% of them are increasing their investments, while 59% of firms emphasize that their investments will remain the same.

Strategy adjustments

The survey also records that regulatory challenges have not diminished and the respondents point out that sanctions on Chinese companies are of concern due to the geopolitical situation. As a result, many Swiss businesses are adjusting their strategy in relation to China.

The Swiss Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China Jürg Burris stated that he believes that corporate decision-makers will constructively address the new challenges that have emerged, citing diversification of supply chains, progress on digitalization and managing geopolitical challenges as they arise. 

Since 2018, surveys on the Sino-Swiss business, trade and investment relationship, including analyses of the bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA), have been produced by the University of St.Gallen in cooperation with Swiss partners and institutions. The driving aim of this work is to provide a service to the Swiss business community and to the Swiss public in general.
The “Swiss Business in China Survey 2023” is available for download. 

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