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Support for energy strategy

5th Consumer Barometer of Renewable Energy – sustained support for Swiss energy strategy despite challenging economic environment.


22 May 2015. The focus of the current edition of the Consumer Barometer is investment decision-making of Swiss consumers with respect to different financing options for renewable energy projects. The academic aspect was managed by the Good Energies Chair for the Management of Renewable Energies at the University of St.Gallen. Raiffeisen funded the organisation of the survey and assisted in its configuration.

Majority in favour of Phase-out in 2034
The approval rating of the general direction of Swiss energy policy remains high. In a referendum, 71% of respondents would vote for a nuclear phase-out in 2034, which would be the majority view in all cantons. At the same time, our longitudinal data show a slow ebbing off of the Fukushima effect, and a general loss of consumer confidence in Switzerland in the light of macroeconomic uncertainties. Compared to last year, support of the nuclear phase-out by 2034 has decreased by six percentage points. Another indicator, acceptance of a wind energy project just outside the respondents’ community, has also exhibited a slight downward trend (from 75 to 71%).

48% for a faster engergy transition

Despite economic uncertainty, nearly half (48%) of respondents to our survey would welcome a faster energy transition in Switzerland and an additional 32% think that the current speed of the energy transition is just right, supporting the view that investing in energy efficiency and renewables is widely seen as an element of sound economic policy. Views on the appropriate speed of the energy transition vary by political preferences, but even among the voters of parties that position themselves as Energiewende skeptics, there is nearly a balance between those who want to see a slower transition and those who think the transition is not going fast enough, pointing to a potential for cross-party consensus on some elements of a swift energy transition.

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