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HSG in figures

A new issue of the brochure "HSG: a portrait – facts and figures" has appeared. The figures reveal what the University of St.Gallen is and what its characteristics are.

27 May 2019. The brochure "The HSG: a portrait – facts and figures" appears once a year. Besides the numbers of students, the brochure also publishes research figures, figures about international and regional development, as well as financial figures.

Facts about the University

  • Studies: More than 8,669 students are enrolled at the University of St.Gallen. A third of the students are women.
  • Involvement: About half of the students are involved in one of the approx. 120 associations and initiatives at HSG
  • Labour market: On graduation, 94 per cent of the Master’s graduates had a fixed job.
  • Loyalty: HSG Alumni organisation has over 28,000 members.
  • Ranking: In the Financial Times rankings, the University defended its place among the top ten in the European Business Schools ranking.
  • Research: More than 45,000 publications about research results of HSG are accessible online. 32 per cent of these publications are openly accessable on the platform.
  • Global research: HSG intends to join the international research vanguard with three global centers.
  • International: HSG operates a network with about 200 partner universities worldwide. All in all, students from more than 80 nations are enrolled.
  • Regional: With more than 3, 204 employees, HSG is among the biggest employers in the Canton of St.Gallen. This is tantamount to 1170.7 full-time jobs. 
  • Spin-Offs: People who have successfully founded a company or have been working on specific start-up project for a minimum of twelve months can apply for the spin-off label of the University of St.Gallen. By now, 126 enterprises have been certified with it.
  • Shaped by the institutes: The 42 institutes, research centers and centers are organised largely autonomously and along entrepreneurial lines.
    Art: 50 works of art are on the campus waiting to be discovered, among them works by Alberto Giacometti, Gerhard Richter and Joan Miró.

Further facts and figures can be found in our brochure "HSG: a portrait – facts and figures".

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