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HSG Focus dedicated to the topic of “Health”

Fitness for the health sector: In the new edition of our digital university magazine HSG Focus, everything is centered around healthcare provision.

11 September 2019. How can digital pills combat widespread modern diseases? What are the cost drivers in the health sector? And how does the OnlineDoctor work? Our dossier highlights the topic of health from a wide range of perspectives. The articles address questions such as why management is becoming increasingly important in the healthcare sector as well, how students keep themselves fit and healthy, and when assisting suicide is a criminal offence. Ralph Weibel, on the other hand, takes up more light-hearted considerations involving health in his commentary. “Anyone who thinks they are healthy has never been to a doctor”, is his consideration offered to our readers.

Health is important to us as human beings. The cost burden created by our high standard of healthcare provision is something society is increasingly concerned with. In a video contribution, Professor Martin Eling talks about how the annual rise in costs can be explained. He emphasises that ultimately it’s also about how much money we want to spend on health. An HSG spin-off has picked up on a need among many dermatologists for a web-based app that can help to avoid unnecessary visits to a dermatology practice. The developers behind it explain how this very new telemedicine platform works.

In the Campus section, J. Peter Murmann talks about Tesla and the future of the automotive industry. We also introduce two pilot projects. One trials a system that exposes counterfeit degree certificates, while the other involves a new platform via which the Student Union is making information about degree courses publicly available. We hope you enjoy reading this and the many other articles in the new edition of HSG Focus.

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