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Garnering international experience even without a semester abroad

Every year, it draws many students abroad – either to one of over 200 partner universities or as a free mover to a wide range of universities around the globe. But there are also many reasons why students decide against an exchange. Perhaps they have just missed the magic 4.5 grade average for partner universities, have forgotten the deadlines or don't want to leave partners, friends and family behind. It's thus good to know that they don't have to forego the dream of an intercultural exchange. By student reporter Victoria Lorenzen.

From a classic exchange semester at partner universities, the flagship Asia programmes and Latam term or the alternative of going abroad as a free mover, they are all things that all students at HSG are like to have already heard of. Somewhat less well known are programmes such as the ECOL Exchange or the International Week from Ressort International.

ECOL Exchange: The exchange from home

Get first-hand experience of the teaching atmosphere of a first-class foreign university and make international contacts – from home! The European Common Online Learning (ECOL) Network offers students from participating universities the chance to take part online in selected courses at other universities in the network while continuing at their own university as usual. The participating universities are all well-known names: ESADE, Bocconi University, Rotterdam School of Management, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Copenhagen Business School, Aalto University and the University of St.Gallen. They have exciting and above all wide-ranging courses to offer. The courses in SS22, among others, included "Management of Fashion Companies" at the Bocconi University, "Data Analytics and Visualization in Financial Statement Analysis" at the ESADE or "International Business in the Era of Disruptions" at the Aalto University. Most of the courses can count towards the major in the core elective, electives or the focus areas, in some cases also in the specialisations for a major in business administration or data science fundamentals additional qualification. When it comes to advertising for the ECOL Virtual Courses, it should be noted that most of the courses offered have different semester times and as a result sometimes begin before the start of the semester at HSG or take place during the break. It is also important that when an exchange is planned, it does not take place in the same academic year as the ECOL Exchange. More information and experience reports are available in the StudentWeb.

Travelling with international students during "International Week"

The international Week at Ressort International is recommended for anyone wanting a brief experience of everyday life at a foreign university and its traditions. This involves up to two students from each of the participating universities coming together at a host university. A committee there, like the Ressort International at the HSG, organises a programme for the participants to bring the local student traditions and local sights closer to them. The participating students will also visit companies in their host country. During the International Week, participants will be staying with students from the host university. The disadvantage of the International Week, unfortunately, is that this usually takes place during the semester and students therefore miss a week of lectures. From personal experience at the International Week in Lund, Sweden, I can report that it was a one-of-a-kind experience and the perfect opportunity to get to know students from a wide range of European cities. Although I only spent one week in Sweden, I gained insight into student life there, and have fond memories of the traditional "Sittnings", which involves a traditional evening meal with fun games and song in the corridors.

No plans for summer yet?

Then the Ressort International Exchange Tours are ideal. Each summer, it organises five trips to Asia, Europe, Latin America, USA/Canada and a World Tour. Students from the HSG and partner universities spend eight to ten days in both Switzerland and in the host country. Each tour offers an exciting programme of lectures, workshops, company visits and seminars on politics, economics and culture in the respective country.

Victoria Lorenzen is a forth semester business management student at the University of St.Gallen.

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