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ECOnnect challenge: Together towards climate neutrality

Climate policy is no longer just a matter for big countries. Action by every single individual is required. The sustainability platform ECOnnect connects and promotes sustainability-interested clubs and projects of the HSG and is currently calling on clubs, together with the SHSG, to devote themselves actively to climate neutrality with a challenge. By student reporter Anna Schreiter.

23 November 2021. Climate change is omnipresent in the 21st century - for example, according to a current report from the World Meteorological Organization WMO, the number of climate-related natural catastrophes has quintupled in the last 50 years. The UN Climate Conference took place a few days ago in Glasgow, accompanied by a silent protest march along a red band, which was intended to represent the 1.5 degree Celsius limit. Fast, effective action by all nations, but also by all citizens is called for - also here in Switzerland, also here at the HSG. Many clubs are already dealing with sustainability topics and the interest is continuing to grow.

Promote cooperation and exploit synergies

The ECOnnect sustainability platform established in 2018, which is based in the "Responsibility and Sustainability" team of Prof. Dr. Judith Walls, the delegate for sustainability, would like to address this topic and bring together sustainable initiatives and HSG clubs, such as oikos and the Sustainable Investment Club. The focus here is on promoting mutual cooperation and the effective exploitation of synergies. In addition, ECOnnect offers various workshops and events on topics such as sustainable leadership, handover and continuity or, as this week together with South Pole, "How to make your association carbon neutral". This offer aims to train and promote sustainable change-makers.





We are in constant close touch with the initiatives and clubs. We attempt in this way to offer precisely those topics and workshops that are most needed at the moment.






Sandra Ramme



MUG student and Community Developer ECOnnect at the IWÖ-HSG





But the coaching offers are also part of the platform's program. "The coaching is intended for clubs that are busy implementing new projects or ideas and, for example, need feedback from outsiders. The problems are for the most part sustainability topics, but also club management topics," according to Sandra.

The ECOnnect challenge

Currently, the ECOnnect Challenge takes place in cooperation with South Pole and the students' union (SHSG). As part of the challenge, student clubs and initiatives are called on to draw up specific planned measures to make their clubs be carbon-neutral. On 16. November, the above-mentioned expert workshop already took place with South Pole in this regard. Ideas can still be submitted up to 28. November to econnect(at), which will be presented in front of a jury on 1. December. The club or initiative with the best idea can expect a prize of CHF 1,500 to implement the measures presented and take a joint step towards climate neutrality.

Anna Kati Schreiter is a seventh semester business management student at the University of St.Gallen.

Picture: South Pole workshop on 16.11.2021, "How to make your association carbon neutral"

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