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CEMS Global Management Practice Award 2018 goes to the University of St.Gallen

Students from the CEMS Global Alliance in Management Education recently selected Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Jenewein and his course "The Art of Modern Leadership" as this year's winner for the CEMS Global Management Practice Award 2018.

13 December 2018. One thing that becomes clear when studying leadership is that it is all about experience. In the course "The Art of Modern Leadership", taught by Wolfgang Jenewein students look at more than 70 years of empirical and theoretical research on leadership to gain valuable insights into the key principles that leaders employ to motivate and inspire those around them. CEMS interviewed Wolfgang Jenewein, Full Professor of Business Administration, to learn more.

Could you briefly describe the learning objectives of this course?

Wolfgang Jenewein: The course focuses on a few core ideas. We first build up a common understanding and provide a framework for understanding the nature of leadership. Once our foundation is set, we look at examples of leadership in professional sports, which more often than not, give us clear narratives that help us understand the leadership principles at work. Armed with the examples set from several different leadership styles, we have the students reflect on their own potential and on focus on the type of leader that they wish to become.

How is this course "The Art of Modern Leadership" structured to achieve these objectives? What are some special teaching/learning methods exercised?
Jenewein: The course is a mixture of theory and practice. I first give an overview of the theory, then we bring in high-profile speakers from the business world, who share their leadership experience with students. These guests including several CEOs, and a well-known motivational speaker. Students are also here from elite athletes who can speak to leadership in adverse situations and to experiential learning.

What are the learning outcomes of this course? How is it measured/observed?
Jenewein: The main learning objective is to get students to consider "Do I want to become a leader and if yes what kind of leader do I want to become". It is not so much about telling the students what to do to be a good leader but to let them discover what kind of leader they are and want to be. At the end of the week, some skills are tested, such as inspiring others, but the true test of the success comes once the students have started their future careers.

How will this course contribute to future endeavors of CEMS students?
Jenewein: I hope that this was a course in which the students not only learned about theory but that built a connection between the theory and the students themselves. They might have discovered more about their own capabilities and values, which is the foundation for them to become effective leaders if they wish to do so.

What are some remarkable stories/moments from this year's classes?
Jenewein: During our final presentations, one group effectively analyzed the leadership skills of Donald Trump. Another exercise saw students reflect on their own vision of effective leadership and illustrate them in a collage.

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