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643 Bachelor degrees awarded at HSG

At the Bachelor Graduation Day on 26 September 2020, 643 graduates received their Bachelor of Arts degrees (B.A. HSG) at the University of St.Gallen.

28 September 2020. The 643 graduates received their diplomas on Bachelor Graduation Day in the following majors:

  • 406 in Business Administration,
  • 83 in International Relations,
  • 59 in Economics,
  • 41 in Law with Economic Sciences,
  • 54 in Law.

How much of "us" is in "me"?

In his speech, Professor Thomas Zellweger, Vice President of Research & Faculty, congratulated the graduates and noted the influence that the environment has on an individual's success. "This kind of success is always partly the result of a period of successes that we like to share with those around us. I assume that you have also experienced some lows or disappointments along the way, and it's at times like those that you can rely on friends and family to provide support and understanding."

This exciting phase in life, Zellweger went on to say, is a pivotal moment in which to give some independent thought to what you want for yourself and your position in society. "Graduating with a bachelor's degree means that, at least for the moment, you are released from your role as a student, so you no longer have timetables, examination schedules or study sessions that largely dictate what you should be doing. In this new phase, in which many new opportunities arise, you are called upon to find a way to reposition yourself in relation to the aspirations you have for yourself, the circles you belong to and society as a whole."

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