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471 Master’s degrees awarded

On the occasion of the Masters’ Graduation Day on 24 March 2018, 471 graduates were awarded the degree of a Master of Art. In his address, President Thomas Bieger reminded the audience of the fact that continuous learning was important in order for people to stand their ground in the age of digitalisation.

24 March 2018. A total of 471 graduates were handed their degree certificates in the following programmes:

  • 47 in Business Innovation,
  • 41 in Marketing, Service and Communication Management,
  • 98 in Accounting and Finance,
  • 29 in Strategy and International Management,
  • 52 in Business Management,
  • 23 in Management, Organization Studies and Cultural Theory,
  • 60 in Banking and Finance,
  • 18 in Economics,
  • 7 in Quantitative Economics and Finance,
  • 49 in International Affairs and Governance,
  • 20 in Law,
  • 23 in Law and Economics,
  • 4 in International Law.

Continuous development and learning
The increasing influence of technology would also affect creative intellectual activities such as research, said President Thomas Bieger in his address, for artificial intelligence, too, was able to learn how to learn. "This raises the question as to how you can use machines in order to make better use of your skills with their help." It was important for graduates to develop and learn continuously: with models and theories, with sudden insights, as well as with observations, experiments and applications. "If someone masters even the most complex negotiation situations tactically and humanely with apparent calmness and composure, then this is the result of lengthy learning processes," said Thomas Bieger. To learn more intensively at this behavioural level, too, he encouraged the graduates to deliberately look for the necessary breathing space and the right mentor. Breathing space would provide time for reflection, and the right mentor would influence their own behaviour and form habits. "And have the courage to accept challenges and jump in at the deep end!"

Attractive social programme
The musical background to the ceremony was provided by Malcolm Green. HSG Alumni President Urs Landolf congratulated the graduates on their academic degree. He outlined the great advantages of the large HSG Alumni network for new graduates, in particular, and encouraged them to become actively involved in it. In the evening, HSG Alumni staged the traditional Graduation party in St.Gallen.

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