- 23.06.2023 - 07:00 

New: Text & Data Mining with TDM Studio

With TDM Studio, the HSG-Library can offer access to a new tool that allows for Text & Data Mining TDM with licensed content from ProQuest.

ProQuest TDM Studio is a cloud-based tool giving researchers at HSG the ability to text data mine (TDM) large sets of content published in news, scholarly, and other publications that the HSG-Library is licensing from ProQuest: Global Newsstream, ProQuest One Business and Dissertations & Theses.
Here is a list of all available titles. 

TDM Studio consists of two modules:

  • Visualizations: no coding experience required; allows analysis of a limited number of news titles.
  • Workbench: requires coding experience with R or Python; gives access to all available titles.

You can find extensive information on how to register and use on our TDM Studio information page and an explanatory video here on YouTube.
If you have any questions, please contact