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The Role of Alumni in the Development of their University

The Alumni as individuals and the Alumni Organizations as stakeholders play a key role in the development of a successful University, especially in the case of the University of St.Gallen. What’s making us and others successful and what direction are we heading in the Future?
Die Rolle der Alumni bei der Entwicklung ihrer Universität

Fri. 29.09.2023


12:00 - 18:15



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During this event, we will have a closer look on factors, that make the cooperation between a University and their Alumni (Organization) successful, what do other peers around the world, and how does the future look like? When looking at the history of the University of St.Gallen (HSG), a close bond between the University and the Alumni have played a key role in it’s success. The HSG Alumni House, the Executive Campus, the HSG Foundation, the international Board, and the HSG SQUARE are only a few examples of this connection and collaboration throughout the years. With illustrious guest speakers from leading business schools around the globe, we will discuss success factors of this cooperation between Alumni and their Universities. See the Program for further details and get in touch via, if you are interested in participating.